To begin with, the idea was to keep aside the best plot of vines and vinify the grapes separately, with the utmost care that is needed to produce a great wine.

After several months of ageing, the cuvee of the year is bottled and carefully stored in our cellar. It served to dedicate a part of the production to new child or elders in the family as well as to celebrate birthdays. These bottles were also regularly enjoyed during meals, whether with family, friends or business associates.

Because of growing interest in this particular wine, we have started to distribute it to clients visiting our estate, friends and an handful of restaurants. Over time, a group of loyal customers has been formed which helped us to bottle a little more Réserve de Famille each year that goes by.

Planting density : 5 000 vines / hectare
Soil type : Clay-limestone
• Red :
• White :
Sauvignon Blanc