Henri Ducourt passed down to us his entrepreneurial passion. He taught us to draw the best from each of our terroirs by combining traditional knowledge with modern techniques: a work philosophy that we strive to perpetuate in order to produce pleasurable wines that are both authentic and affordable. When he took his retirement, Henri settled down at Haurets, his final ‘coup de coeur’. He restored the ancient chartreuse and patiently planted numerous trees and rose bushes around the chateau building. He turned it into a welcoming home where we enjoy gathering together.

For his 85th birthday, we wanted to pay him tribute by dedicating these unusual wines to him. We took inspiration for the packaging from the bright colours of certain roses that he grows in his garden.

Planting density : 4 500 vines / hectare
Soil type : Clay-limestone
• White :
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Gris
• Rosé :
• Red :
Cabernet Sauvignon