When we took the gamble in 1977 to package our first wine using the Bag-in-Box (BIB) system to send to Germany, everyone in Bordeaux thought we were mad. Today, BIB is very popular and we have gained a lot of experience in using this kind of packaging.

The main advantages of the BIB are the following:

– Better preservation: BIB allows people to store the wine in a vacuum, and without contact with the light. The wine can therefore be kept for several months after opening.

– Good value: BIB is more economical than bottling, so the price is lower and the quality remains the same.

– Practicality: Easy to transport, the BIB is also stronger than bottles and easier to store.

– Ecological: Transport costs are reduced. With the same volume, a BIB produces much less waste than bottles and is 100% recyclable.



Planting density : 4 000 à 4 500 vines / hectare
Soil type : Clay-limestone or loamy-clay
• White :
• Red :
Cabernet Sauvignon
• Rosé :
Cabernet Sauvignon