French café classic reborn!

Jean Pierre Xiradakis, the owner of the renowned restaurant “La Tupina” met our family a few years ago, which has been producing wines in Bordeaux since 1858.

Together, we decided to breathe life back into Blanc Limé, which is produced following an authentic recipe: a base of dry white wine with a careful blend of natural citrus aromas, and a touch of fizz. In the 50s, this was the drink of choice in the cafés of South-West France and the brasseries of Paris.

Blanc Limé, made with Bordeaux white wine, is part of the local heritage. It grew famous from popular celebrations and public festivals. It’s built around a spirit of fun and simple pleasure: your first tipple after a sports match, at the village fête, or the county dance – but also at the bar. It’s associated with joy and partying, loved by both young and old. Nor should it be excluded from the distinguished dining table of a well-known restaurant. It’s joyful, fizzy, refreshing, natural, and a little bit alcoholic.

It’s a worthy representative of the values of South-West France!

Planting density : 3 500 vines / hectare
Soil type : Clay-limestone
• White :
Sauvignon Blanc
• Rosé :