In the vineyard

We have always known that quality grapes are essential for making a good wine. We therefore take the utmost care in our vineyards, to get the best from every plot of land. The size of our business also allows us to make numerous investments in the latest tools, which enable us to unite traditional knowledge with the latest technologies, and therefore to become ever more precise and respectful of the environment in the work that we do.

At the winery

Our size, combined with our desire to constantly remain at the forefront of modern winemaking, means that we use tools worthy of Bordeaux Grands Crus. We have adopted modern vinification techniques whilst respecting our local specificities, in order to produce delicious, authentic wines that reflect the terroir upon which they are produced.

Getting innovative

Innovation in our DNA

Why? Because we love to come up with new ideas, not get stuck in a routine, and test new methods that allow us to improve and advance our knowledge. Because we are also constantly listening to our clients – what they want, and new consumer trends around the world.

Wine: Our Vision

One of the most important things that we want to convey at Ducourt is a love of wine. For us, wine is not just a drink; it creates moments and memories. This involves both a love of live, of sharing, but also a certain amount of seriousness and humility.

Whether it’s red, white or rosé, most professionals and consumers agree that our wines are characterised by finesse, elegance, precision and flavour.