“When the sun reaches the zenith and the sea breeze blows gently on the skin, we can hear the sirens singing.
Their crystal-clear voices echo on the cliffs, luring nearby sailors and their boats.
There are wines that attract us with their charming pink co-lour and irresistible fragrance.
Oskar Wilde would tell you: ‘‘The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”.


Everybody knows about the white or red grape varieties, making the vast majority of wines we drink around the world. But do you know about grey grape varieties?
Their flesh are white but their skin have a distinguished pink color. Thanks to this coloration, the juice from these freshly pressed grapes have a pale salmon hue with silver-toned hints.
The grey grape varieties have an ancient history. For the “sauvignon gris’’ we find records in books from the 17th centuries. This varietal almost disappeared as only 10 hectares still existed in 1958 in France. The “souvignier gris” we selected as well is a younger varietal but even more rare.
The grey wines (Vins Gris) are a unique type of Rosé : They are characterized by a very pale color and a beautiful aromatic finesse.

Planting density : 5000
Soil type : Argilo Calcaire
• Rosé : 4
Souvignier Gris
Sauvignon Gris