2018 will be remembered as for its quality than the fact that it is our 160th vintage.

Following a rainy winter and spring that brought lots of diseases pressure on the vineyards, the summer started to settle in the second half of July. Then August, September and October have been incredibly dry and sunny, allowing us to wait for the perfect maturity before picking.

The harvest started on September 4th with the first Sauvignon Blanc from Chateau Larroque.  Then the following week, the Sémillon and the Merlot for rosé.

The first red grapes were brought in on September 17th: Métissage Rouge with its Cabernet Jura and some parcels of Merlot at Chateau des Demoiselles and at Chateau Briot.  The first Cabernet Sauvignon were picked on September 26th to finish on October 4th.

Now all the grapes are in the winery, there is still lots of work to do before sharing this remarkable vintage with you.

See you in a couple of months for the whites/rosé and a couple of years for the reds!

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