Our experimental vineyard grows bigger!

We have selected two new varietals coming from Germany: Muscaris et Souvignier Gris.

3 hectares each have been planted on a gravel soil, on the Left Bank.


Muscaris was obtained in 1987 by crossing Solaris & Muscat à petits grains. We have tracked back its genealogy on several generations to give you an idea of its background. This varietal is planted in Germany, Italy, Netherlands and South of France.

Souvignier gris (2)


Souvignier Gris was obtained in 1983 by crossing Bronner & Cabernet Sauvignon. It gives a wine with good acidity and structure, fruity & spicy. It is planted in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and in the South of France.

Souvignier Gris
Souvignier gris (6)